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Website Design & Management

We design unique and professional websites that will go beyond your needs and expectations. We will provide your company with an initial branding or rebranding that will present you as a more competent and trustworthy option over your competition.


We offer management services to fix any problems that occur. We regularly update the information, layout, and functionality of the site. Our website design is unique to each client and is based on their needs, wants, and expectations. Each project will have an initial draft meeting with the client, where we go over what the client has in mind for their site pertaining to design and functionality.


The website we create for you is yours, and we want it to be precisely what you imagine and require. We meet with you for an initial design and functionality discussion. From there, we create the first draft of your site with a layout and color scheme and allow you to request any changes before giving your approval to continue developing the website. Every few weeks, we will allow you to see your site, make changes, and add anything you have thought of.

Once your website is finished being created, we will start our testing phase of the project. We will test every aspect of the website on multiple web browsers and multiple devices. When we believe your site is ready to be published, we will allow you one more opportunity to view it and make changes before publishing. When you approve the final site, we will publish it for you and provide a free press release to generate some attention to your new site. Choose to have us manage your site, and you will have on-demand customization. We will regularly update, increase functionality, and publish additional content. We will work on your site continuously to make sure it is performing optimally.


Our dedicated account managers are the only people who interact with your private information. We maintain a very high level of security, so your confidential information stays private.

We do not use a call center or a machine answering software; you will always get an account manager on the phone and receive the most reliable customer service.

Our account managers are ready to solve any problems you may be facing or questions you have. We will reply to you as fast as possible and to the best of our ability in the most professional manner.


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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts data, such as login details and payment details, passing between your site and visitors. For all websites, we provide basic SSL security. If your site is more focused on e-commerce, we recommend upgrading to our more advanced version of SSL to protect your business and your customers.  

SSL certificates are necessary as Google warns visitors when they’re entering a site without an SSL certificate and even discriminates against those sites in its search results.

Ways to know if your site has an SSL certificateThe URL will start with HTTPS (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure) instead of HTTP. HTTPS is the secure protocol through which your browser communicates with sites. Another way to identify if the site is SSL secure is the padlock, as shown below. Sites without the padlock do not have a secure site, and it is not safe to enter your information.






Automatic Daily Backups

We provide Automatic Daily Backups and store them for 30 Days. Maintaining a history of multiple versions of your site will allow us to restore your site to a previous version if needed. Having this added layer of security will allow us to quickly get your site active if it crashes or if any malware is placed on your site.

(Only available with a management subscription)



Anti-Malware Software

We use Anti-Malware software that regularly scans your site to find any malware and vulnerabilities. If any threat is detected, we quickly restore your site to before the threat was placed on the site.

(Only available with a management subscription)

Random and Complex Passwords

We generate random and complex passwords for your site to increase its security. You will be able to change these passwords if you choose to, but we strongly advise you to use a secure password. 




Heatmaps help you understand how people interact with your website pages. You can find answers to business-critical questions such as ‘why are my users not converting?’ or ‘how do I get more visitors to view different pages on my site?’


Using heatmaps, you can determine if people are:  

  • Reaching important content or failing to see it

  • Finding and using a page’s main links, buttons, opt-ins, and Call to Actions (CTAs)

  • Getting distracted by non-clickable elements

  • Experiencing issues across devices


As a visual tool, heat maps help you make informed, data-based decisions for A/B testing, updating, or (re)designing your website. Heatmaps are also useful on a broader business scale: heat maps let you show team members and stakeholders how your visitors interact with your website. This can help obtain approval when changes are needed—it’s hard to argue with a heat map!


Click Heatmaps show an aggregate of where visitors click their mouse on desktop devices and tap their finger on mobile devices. Click heatmaps are useful to show what your site's visitors are interacting with.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 9.20.00 PM.png


Move Heatmaps track where desktop users move their mouse as they navigate the page. The hot spots in a move heatmap represent where users have moved their cursor on a page. Research suggests a correlation between where people are looking and where their mouse is—meaning that a move heatmap gives you an indication of where people might be looking as they go through your page. It will also show what your users are ignoring.


Scroll Heatmaps show you the exact percentage of your users that scroll down to any point of the web page. This data is essential because if you have important information at the bottom of the page and no one is scrolling to the bottom, we would know to rearrange the page.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 9.20.51 PM.png


Recordings of users’ visits to your site can be invaluable. Knowing what your users are doing on your site, if they get confused at any particular section, or if they see your prices and close the page can help you market to a broader audience and grow your revenue.

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