Listed below are DCM’s general services. Each service is tailored to each client and personalized to their specific needs and goals. We offer various unique and practical strategies to provide you with a cost-effective and high-yielding solution.

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SEO provides your website with a non-stop stream of visitors searching for the services and products you provide. An SEO campaign is often a long-term project that involves many different components. Over time our techniques will affect the site’s ranking position on Google and attract more and new visitors to your site.


Reputation Management uses SEO strategies and techniques to make website links less visible on the internet. The goal is to remove unwanted information from online search results completely. This type of campaign is generally sought after by people trying to eliminate bad press about them or their business.


At DCM, we design unique and professional websites that will go beyond your needs and expectations. We will provide your company with an initial branding or rebranding that will present you as a more competent and trustworthy option over your competition. We offer management services to fix any problems that occur, and we regularly update the information, functionality, and layout of the site.



Our review management service monitors the reviews of your company on multiple platforms. We reply to reviews to show appreciation for user's interaction and apologize for the negative experiences they may have had. We also create a list of negative reviews to send to you to offer more of a resolution to the unhappy customer.


A digital marketing audit is a thorough investigation of your online presence and digital marketing efforts. We evaluate your performance of all your practices, strategies, content, ads, and posts–giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and missed opportunities exist. We construct recommendations and a strategy for you based on our findings. 


Not able to gain a following on your Social Media or don’t have time to manage it? Not to worry, DCM offers 100% hands-off social media management. We start by auditing all your social media profiles, establish a brand voice and tone of voice for your company, and create a long-term strategy to promote the company. We continuously post, monitor, and update your profiles to provide you the results you need.


A Pay Per Click Advertising campaign can significantly aid your marketing efforts. With this type of advertising, your ad will be displayed at the top of the Google results page. You strictly control your monthly budget and will receive an immediate flux of new traffic to your website.

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 QR Codes are necessary for today's technological climate. Give your clients and customers the convenience of using a company-branded code that leads them exactly where you want them.