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Digital Marketing Audits

A digital marketing audit is simply a thorough investigation of your online presence and digital marketing efforts. We evaluate your performance of all your practices, strategies, content, ads, and posts–giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and missed opportunities exist. We construct recommendations and a strategy for you based on our findings. 

Security and Customer Service

Our dedicated account managers are the only people who interact with your private information. We maintain a very high level of security, so your confidential information stays private.

We do not use a call center or a machine answering software; you will always get an account manager on the phone and receive the most reliable customer service.

Website/SEO Audit

1. To initiate our website audit, we start by defining specific goals for the website with you.

2. We proceed to Conduct User Testing. We select people in your target audience to use, test, review your site, and fill out a detailed questionnaire.

3. Next, we run an in-depth SEO Audit. This SEO audit will list all SEO data about your site, positive and negative attributes.

4. We analyze your website content and the layout/architecture on multiple devices and internet browsers. 

5. We finalize our audit by analyzing all the data and produce recommendations on how to improve your current SEO, website content, website layout and suggest a long-term data-based strategy.

Social Media Audit

We begin our social media audit by defining your company/brand's specific goals with you in our initial meeting.

We analyze your company’s current social media footprint, such as

Which platforms do you have accounts or pages with?

How many followers does each account/page have?

Does your company engage with the public, with what tone of voice, and how often?

How much consistent user interaction do your accounts/pages have?

We evaluate if your stated goals agree with your platforms, tone of voice, and creative style currently employed.

We conclude by creating a long-term social media strategy you can employ to align with your goals and company values.

Hand writing the text: Pay-Per-Click.jpg

PPC Campaign Audit

We start our PPC audit by analyzing your Pay per Click ad campaign settings and structure.

Evaluation of the Campaign Settings and Structure:

Time of day ads are displayed, target audience, and budget.

Metrics such as search impression share, click-through rate, average position, conversion rate, etc.

We generate a report of the data and inform you of what is performing well and what needs improvement.


We end the audit by providing recommendations on how to improve the campaign and a long-term strategy.

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